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Normally I like to keep my vaping business local here in North Carolina. I want to support the local vaping businesses, except this one but I digress. However I was recently given a nice e-juice discount by the fine folks at 7’s Electronic Cigarettes. I made sure that they are from the US as it’s best to make sure you’re not getting juice made from a questionable area.

Now this is not going to be an e-juice review per se because taste in e-juices are subjective. This is going to be more of a review of my experience with 7’s.

First the juice itself. I ordered 15ml of 6mg Banana flavored juice. Their retail price is $12.49. I may have passed on this because of the price since I’m currently between jobs so the discount did help a lot. The juice came in a dark blue glass bottle with the eye dropper. I’m not a fan of this kind of packaging for juice but like I said taste is subjective and I can easily put the juice in any number of clear plastic squeeze bottle I have. While I would have preferred a more bolder taste the banana e-juice was subtly sweet and satisfying. I can’t comment on throat hit because I am asthmatic and I prefer no throat hit which I was ablle to attain with the 6mg e-juice.

The best part about 7’s is their customer service. I received my e-juice in the mail in roughly the same amount of time it takes me to get my e-juice from local vendors when I order online. Not only did they send me an e-mail when my item shipped but they sent an e-mail every day letting me know how much longer my package would be. Their website is also top-notch. It’s professional looking and easy to order on it. Too many vendors have websites that look like they’re from 1998 Geocities.

So 7’s/ gets a big thumbs up and a hearty recommendation from me.

Sarcasm font


Comic Sans should be the official sarcasm font of the internet because no one takes anything written in Comic Sans seriously.

Trench reviews Constantine


At least they have a blonde from the British Isles playing Constantine this time. Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked the Keanu Reeves movie but they should have called it anything but Constantine. It seems like they’re also sticking closer to the comic book than the movie as well showing John Constantine using others for his own personal gain and the infamous Newcastle incident.

I’ll keep watching but so far, yes I know it’s only one episode, they really didn’t make me have to tune into the next episode like Arrow and Gotham do. However as a comic book property it’s not a bad show.

Google News is broken


I went to Google News, like I often do, to search for the specific details of a crime that’s been in the news. I enter one of the victims’ names as my search query and the first result that pops up goes to some obnoxiously pink gossip site. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. When a major crime story breaks this is usually the first site that shows up in my e-mail notifications. So do they have some kind of agreement with Google or are they gaming the system? Sadly I think it’s because this is where more people are going for ‘news’.

Unfortunately, like a lot of Google products, no competitor is offering a similar service.

Six Degrees of Dio: Ice-T/Body Count


Here’s a feature I haven’t done in a while. The premise of Six Degrees of Dio is basically the Kevin Bacon game except it connects various bands back to my all time metal idol, the late Ronnie James Dio. Previously I’ve done bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden who perform the same genre of music as Dio. Now I thought I would focus on acts that you wouldn’t think could be connected to Dio, for example rapper Ice-T.

Now Ice-T did have the metal band Body Count but that’s not how he’s connected to Dio. Ice-T did a guest rap on the Black Sabbath song ‘The Illusion of Power’ on the 1995 Black Sabbath album Forbidden. And as we all know Dio was also in Black Sabbath. Here is that song…

Now I know some people are going to get butthurt over the fact that I’ve even mentioned Body Count because of the song ‘Cop Killer’. While I may not agree with the lyrics of cop killer I’d be a hypocrite if I said that song shouldn’t exist while a ton of metal bands have written way worse lyrics. Anyway here’s Body Count with ‘There Goes The Neighborhood’. (NSFW Lyrics)

If you can think of a band or act that can be connected to Dio let me know and I’ll use it for a future post.

All hail his name \m/

All hail his name \m/

Review of the Haus Personal Vaporizer Single Tank


I’ve talked about the Haus Personal Vaporizer before. I bring it up because I was in Wal-Mart the other day and I thought I would check out one of their tanks, or clearomizer if you will, out of curiosity. The retail price was $7.95 and you know what? It’s a pretty decent tank. It holds a ton of juice and fit on both my eGo and Itaste batteries. It feels well put together too.

Now would I recommend this to an advanced vaper who knows how to change the coils in their tanks? No. However I would definitely recommend it to beginners and it’s also convenient if you find yourself tankless at 2am and know that you can run down to your local Wally World to get one.

Now on Facebook


For the two of you who are actually reading this site it now has its own Facebook page.

Trench Reviews The Flash



Ok, I’m over Barry Allen being so young. That said I kind of lied the first episode but I thought it suffered the same problem the first episode of Gotham did, shoving too much into one episode. I know origins are overdone in comic book adaptations but I would have preferred more of a slow burn (no pun intended) of Barry getting to know his powers and not just mastering them in one episode. Also I hope they didn’t kill off Weather Wizard but if you’re going to kill one of The Rogues I’d guess he’d be the guy to go.

What I did like is that I thought at the start they were tipping us off to the killer of Barry’s mom with Jesse L. Martin’s partner until the end sort-of-maybe reveal?

So while the first episode was a little problematic I’m looking forward to the rest of the season so far.

Trench on the new Captain America and Thor



So last week Marvel Comics finally debuted Sam Wilson aka Falcon as the new Captain America. They even had a little fun with the non-reveal which I thought was kind of clever. While Sam has not been in action yet as Cap it looks like he’s keeping his Falcon wings. Not to be Comic Book Guy about it but I don’t like him having both the wings and the shield. It seems like that Marvel is setting him up to be a second-rate Cap. Fanboys everywhere will say “Well Steve Rogers didn’t need wings to be Captain America.” Then again unlike most fanboys I can admit when I’m wrong so he may be the greatest Cap ever but that remains to be seen.

Marvel also revealed the new female Thor, sort of. It’s still a mystery as to who she really is. Marvel kind of dropped some hints but I think that might be a red herring. The part I didn’t like was the Thor we all know and love supposedly losing his arm to Maleketh. I really hope that this isn’t akin to when Aquaman lost his hand. That’s one of the few good things the New 52 corrected.

So basically it’s still too early to say whether or not either character is a success yet and that’s a good thing not only for fans but for comics in general. It keeps us buying and reading comics but we’ll see if these are watershed moments in Marvel Comics history or just another cash grab.

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